Saturday, 30 January 2016

This week and what's in my stash.

Another busy week - got 2 large orders off to Wet Coast Wools in Vancouver and Kelowna Yarn. Took a road trip to Kelowna to pick up citric acid and deliver the yarns.

They have a cute pair of sheep outside at Kelowna Yarn. There used to be 3, but someone decided they needed one for themselves!

I decided to get into my spinning stash - this is what I am working on right now. I found a bagful of gorgeous kid mohair locks that I had dyed and
just lightly picked.

And this is the first skein I made. I spun the locks and then plied with a thread. The texture and feel are amazing.

So I dug into the stash to see what I need to do. Here are a few discoveries.
 A couple of hundred grams of Bluefaced Leicester and silk.

More silk hankies.
 Some dyed Border Leicester, loosely picked, will spin straight out of the locks.

Some more Border Leicester, loosely picked. Are you getting a feel of my favourite colours?

Also finished a pair of socks for my husband, in Seattle Seahawks colourway sock yarn that I dyed.

Will keep you posted on the stash busting.

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