Sunday, 25 May 2014

Williams Lake Spin-in, May 3, 2014

I was invited to be a vendor at the annual spin-in hosted by the Williams Lake spinners. My favourite travel buddy, Sheila Grant, tagged along with me once again. So off we went with a van full of goodies for sale.
Overnighted at the Best Western in Williams Lake and the very helpful front desk lady directed us to the nearby Wal-Mart - we both needed bathing suits - the fastest bathing suit shopping I have ever done!! Back to the motel, to pick our roommate Donna Faulkes and head next door for dinner at the Laughing Loon Pub and then a hot tub soak.

I decided to try braised pork belly for the first time, and it might not be the last. Looking around the pub, it started to look familiar. No wonder - one of our favourite reality shows is "Timber Kings" on HGTV, a show about log home building company Pioneer Log Homes based in Williams Lake, and one of the episodes featured the owner of this pub negotiating a contract to build this beautiful addition to his restaurant.

Next morning, we could not believe our eyes. 
And it snowed like this all day long.
The Kamloops contingent - Terry Prehara, Sharon Philip, 
Sheila Grant and Donna Faulkes. 

 There were about 50 spinners attending - all made it even in spite of the nasty weather. What a wonderful way to spend a bad weather day with friends.

They all loved my hand dyed fibres.
 This is a cake made by Lyshia Goodhue, one of the members of the Williams Lake group. And we all enjoyed cutting it up at the end of the day and eating it!

There was a friendly competition to see who could produce the nicest handspun silk skein, won by Lesley Johnson, and also a test of our knowledge to see who could identify several different unnamed fibres. The smartest one in the group was Lori frame. But of course, the highlight of the day was the wonderful lunch that the ladies provided!

Lynne Rettberg learning how to use her newly purchased blending board.
Thanks, Williams Lake Spinners - 
make sure you invite me back next year!
First Saturday in May.