Friday, 29 April 2016

Fibres West 2016

Back to Cloverdale, BC, for the annual spring Fibres West, held March 18 and 19. This year was bigger and better than any before, and there are no signs of the attraction for fibreholics to slow down. 
As usual, the drive through the Coquihalla was stunning.

My booth was set between two large and popular vendors - Birkeland Brothers from Abbotsford (Danielle and I always request this because we are good friends and keep each other company during the few slow times), and Sweet Georgia Yarns. I created a hint of mystery.

By the time the event was over, the yarn rack was pretty empty, as was the supply of spinning fibre.

 The shawl I am wearing is one I knit (Reyna pattern, free on Ravelry) out of hand dyed and handspun Bluefaced Leicester that I made.

There was an actual Ewe roaming the facility, so meet my new mascot!
Hope to see you again next year - bring your friends!