Sunday, 1 February 2015

Took a mini road trip

Called up my travel buddy Sheila, to see if she wanted to accompany me on a little road trip to check out some yarn stores and deliver 2 broken swifts to my woodworking friend Julia Armstrong.

Our first stop was in Salmon Arm at Intwined Fibre Arts. What a lovely store - everything easy to find, and Althea and Sara were a pleasure to chat with.

Then back on the road again, to visit Elena Nodel in Sicamous. She is a knit wear designer and yarn dyer, with her business name for designing Anadiomena (on Ravelry and Etsy) and her yarn dye company is Colour Adventures. The double garage belongs to her dye business - and she was very welcoming and sharing. She has over 200 different colourways for her yarns! Before she started dyeing yarns, she was a painter - and this is just one series of paintings that she did.

Sheila and Elena.

And just a few pictures of Elena's busy dye studio.

I could have spent the entire day with Elena, but we had other places to go. Our next stop was into the woods between Salmon Arm and Enderby, to bring the sadly broken swifts to Julia for repair.
This is just part of Julia's woodworking tools.

Julia has this lovely old wood cook stove, 
almost ready to be used in her kitchen. 
It is a true family heirloom.
A little walk outside to check out her wood supply. The snow had avalanched off the roof and the light shone through.

Have you ever seen a neater wood pile?

And just a portion of Julia's 30 acres.

Our last stop was through the woods again, over to Highway 97, and to the cute little yarn store inside the Falkland General Store. A treasure trove for sure!

Thanks for the company once again, Sheila. 
And when I got home, there was a message from Julia. 
Both of my swifts are fixed! Maybe another mini road trip in the future?