Sunday, 7 February 2016

What's in the dye pot?

This week I have been trying some new dye techniques, and can't wait to start knitting to see how the yarn turned out. I made my skeins extra large, then dyed 2/3 of them royal blue, and then with a squirt bottle, applied colours to the white portion, leaving some white in between. In the skein I used red, yellow and blue, and in the cake I used purple and lime green.
I love how the colours have blended.

I also have a new colourway in my sock yarn, called Opals. Do you see why?

I have a few knitting projects on the go. The first is a cowl called Summer Cowgirl, free on Ravelry. You knit the cowl to this point, block, then join together and cast on stitches at the top edge, and knit for the neck portion.
This is being knit out of a skein of my Maryanne's Bliss, merino wool,
cashmere and nylon.

The next shawl is not yet blocked, so will be almost twice the size when finished. It was knit out of Maryanne's Sparkle, in a failed dyepot. This pattern is called Pretty Basic, another free pattern on Ravelry.
And it is very easy - garter and yarn overs.

And did you ever wonder what to do with those sock yarn leftovers? Here are a couple of projects. The first is Greemy Baby Booties, free pattern on Ravelry. They took 12 grams of yarn. They are my Seattle Seahawks colourway.

Next is a really cute cardigan, which took 70 grams of leftover yarn. It is also a free pattern on Ravelry called Linnie.

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