Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Spring in Desert Mesa Spinning Retreat, April 2015

The annual spring retreat held in Cache Creek - Desert Mesa Spinning Retreat. Always a smaller crowd in the spring, but no lack of enthusiasm - 
and infectious laughter.
Gudie has been given "Flat Stanley" to tour British Columbia with her, on behalf of a young friend who is doing a school project. Only as Gudie can do!

 Some shawls at the Show and Tell made from yarn spun from fibres that I dyed. Sheila is modelling a shawl made from my Whoosh colourway.

This shawl is made from a merino wool and silk blend that I dyed in yellows, knit by Trixie.

This shawl was a combination - Isabel started with yarn made from my Creamsicle colourway, then searched her stash for more that would go together. Great job!

Some of Gudie's novelty yarns.
 A lovely fall scene made by Sharon, the river is felted wool, 
with real leaves applied.
 There was a lengthy discussion, as we carefully examined the very old piece of bobbin lace that Melody inherited.

 And of course, it would only be Karen who could find fibre to spin that would exactly match the shoes that she was wearing. It is my "Rainbow" colourway.

Bringing LOTS of fibre to inspire you all in October. See you then!

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