Friday, 10 August 2012

Man and Woman vs Mouse

So the second bird feeder was one of those that the birds love to scatter seeds from, and birdseed lay all over the ground underneath. From the sundeck, I could see a mouse running to the feast. MOUSE!!! in the HOUSE??? George says with a cat in the house, there will be no mouse coming in, but I was not buying it. So off to the store to buy a trap. Wait - why not buy 4 while I am at it? And make them the old fashioned wooden snap kind.

George said - you put them out, I'm not doing it. So I load them up with peanut butter, and go into the garden to set the traps. As I am putting the first one down on the ground, a mouse ran RIGHT OVER MY FOOT! I am sure the entire neighbourhood heard the scream. That was it - I gave the job to my husband. After he stopped laughing, he placed the traps. So far, we got 7 - a regular trapline. Sorry, animal lovers, but I have dealt with mice in places where they don't belong before, and I didn't want to take any chances again. They will eventually get the message.

By the way, the bird feeder is no longer there so they don't have their buffet anymore.

On the more pleasant side, I thought you might like to see some of the flowers that bloomed in our garden this year.

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