Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Smith and Ewe Solar Dyeing, Solar Drying

So I was at Ikea and saw these jars. The first thing that came to mind was SOLAR DYEING.

I have some lovely Lincoln locks from Feederbrook Farm that just cried out for the sun.
I filled the jars with locks, then sprinkled the dry Jacquard dyes on top, then poured the mixture of hot water and citric acid crystals carefully over, filling up the jar. Put the lid on and waited. Three jars have grey fleece, one has white.

The jars were about 4 hours in the sun. I had to add some citric acid to the dye baths that had turquoise in them to fully exhaust, but all the colour did finally hit the fleece.

The locks were placed individually into the jars to retain the structure. There is VERY little vegetation in this fleece - you will have to look hard to find it. Locks are pretty close to 6" long, would be almost 8" if stretched out. Now on my www.smithandewe.etsy.com store, $5 for 56 grams (2 ounces).

The sun is still shining - the heat is still on. I will be doing more of this. Great fun!


  1. Wow - the colour is so intense. Super nice!

  2. I didn't know anything about solar dying, but this is so interesting. Beautiful colour!

  3. Very interesting to see this process and the results are beautiful!