Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Better late than never..............

October 16 to 18, 2014 - our biannual fall retreat, Desert Mesa Retreat, held in Cache Creek, BC every spring and fall. Due to popular demand, the retreat was expanded to go from Thursday to Sunday. Everyone agreed that the extra day made the event so much more relaxing - lots of time to get the scheduled events happening with lots of time left over for the important things - 
socializing and spinning!
I managed to get it all in the van once again. 
And once again, would it all fit in my room?

Yes, there are about 55 spinning wheels set up in this room.

But we are a bunch of wild and crazies - and some of us decided that our favourite stuffies needed a play date. Yes, we are mature, but you have to break out of the mold every once in a while!

I was SOOO in love with Irene's I-phone case. I decided I needed one of my own. Found it on E-bay - waited a LONG time - and when it arrived, it was about 2 mm too small - my phone did not fit. 
Boo hoo.

Melody could not decide how to use the beautiful shawl she had made. 
We gave her a few suggestions.

Of course, there was a show and tell, and these are just a sampling of the gorgeous creations that our group makes - felting, knitting, spinning.

And as has been the case for so many years, we were treated to another glorious fall weekend - time to move outside and enjoy the last of October.

I had to walk around the room and see what everyone was spinning 
with fibre dyed by me.

and then of course, there are the bragging rights - displaying what we have done over the past 2 days on our wheels.

 Karen's earrings are real zippers - they open and close. 
Crazy like her (but only in a good way).

And believe it or not, on the way home on October 18, we see the final cut of hay for the season.


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