Monday, 29 July 2013

A drive in the country to Tunkwa Lake region

A hot summer day - where better to spend it than by a lake? Since my daughter and her partner were camping for the weekend, we decided to take a drive and join them for a while. We headed out of Kamloops, taking the old road to Lac Le Jeune where we were guaranteed to spot a full complement of wildlife. We carried on through Logan Lake (home of the Highland Valley copper mine).

Just outside of town is the turnoff to Tunkwa and Leighton Lakes - a very popular camping and fishing area.
 And this was the only wildlife (other than ducks and geese) that we saw the entire day.

 Doesn't this look comfortable? I wonder if the mosquitoes got them at night.
 Dad and daughter walking to the fishing area off the shore.

A bit of geographical information.
 about the rocks we are standing on.

We drove back the other way, towards Savona and Kamloops Lake. We drove through historical ranch country - large ranches owned for generations by the Haywood-Farmer family.

 Here is a link with information on the Indian Gardens Ranch -

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