Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Inspiration and completed projects after Desert Mesa Spinning Retreat

Here are some of the projects started at the Desert Mesa Retreat, and completed the week after.
This is a yarn inspired by Gudie Hupfauer - my Blazing Sunshine colourway merino/nylon blend, corespun over a very fine boucle yarn and burnt orange tencel, then plied with the burnt orange tencel to make this wonderfully lofty and very soft yarn. 

This yarn was inspired by Sue Henry from Pemberton - using the burnt orange tencel as a core, loosely spun the fibre thick and thin, then plied with tencel and gold lurex thread.
A pair of knitted thrum mittens and a crocheted slouch hat made from one of the rovings I spun at the retreat.

More dyed pencil rovings.
Merino/nylon hand dyed in Pistachio colourway, spun thick and thin and plied with lime green metallic thread.
 A 2-ply yarn spun from BFL top, hand dyed in Spring colourway.


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