Wednesday, 6 March 2013

First Annual Bash-the-Stash Spin-in, Kamloops BC

Last fall, the idea of hosting a spin-in was tossed around. It seemed all other communities but ours did this. The idea lay dormant until Sheila Grant accompanied me to the fall Spin-in held in Kelowna. She had such a good time, that on the drive home she said "Why don't we do this too?" and the planning started. The trio of Terry Prehara, Sheila Grant and I met a few times, approached the other members of the loosely knit Thompson Treadlers spinning group (got lots of volunteers to help), found an ideal location, hired a great caterer, composed the invitation, invited a few vendors, sent out the invitation - and waited to see who would come. Well - the answer to that is - build it, and they will come. We had 44 happy spinners together for the day - and since Kamloops is such a good host for everything, we even got the weather to sit at a sunny 17C for the day - almost setting a weather record.

 Sheila designed these cute googley-eyed sheep name tags.

One of the highlights of our day was the stash bashing. Everyone has something useful that they do not want anymore, right? Spinners were asked to bring something (fibre, yarn, books, tools, what have you) no longer wanted and place it on the table. They put their name into a basket, and later in the morning, names were drawn. Each person then got to go to the Stash Table and choose something else. It was like a treasure hunt - and there were definitely some treasures in the lot. The table was heaped and heaped by the time everyone put their donations in.

 We did manage to get 44 chairs comfortably spaced in the room.
And here are the 44 spinners enjoying each other's company.
 Some pictures of vendor displays -
This is mine, Smith and Ewe, and luckily I had the stairs to use also.


This is Natalie Vivian of Blackcombe Fibres - she raises her own fibre animals and has beautifully processed rovings and yarns.

This is Anne Carmichael who uses and sells sock knitting machines. She didn't bring a machine with her, but her socks were a hit.
She also makes useful tools for the handspinner in her woodworking shop.

And here is Lisa Imthorn of Yarn Makes Me Happy.
She hand dyes rovings and knitting yarn.

Our caterer is busy in the kitchen - they produced a wonderful lunch of basmati rice quiche, spinach salad, freshly baked buns, spicy salsa, set the table (even with fancy folded napkins), and did all the dishes and cleanup.

 Terry thought we should mark the occasion and ordered this beautiful cake.
Not a crumb got left behind!
 It was a little crowded but no one seemed to mind.

 The highlight of the afternoon was the traditional Show and Tell.
The bright garment in the centre was a sweater that was dyed, spun and knit in a week by members of the Shuswap Spinner and Weavers Guild. The table was heaped with beautiful and well made items.
Lots of oohs and aahs.
We had so much fun - next year will be the 2nd Annual Bash the Stash Spin-in.


  1. Love it! What a great post. Thanks for putting together this wonderful writeup and pictures on our 1st "Annual" Spin In. Looking forward to many more.

  2. Wish I had known about this, would have driven the mountains to be able to attend, next year please let me know. Thx.