Sunday, 16 September 2012

Smith and Ewe at Farmer's Market Sept. 15

Today I thought I would people watch - and found a few interesting photographic opportunities.

 This lady was dressed in vintage clothing promoting the upcoming Kamloops Railway Heritage Days. Her gown and hat had been beautifully made with lots of handstitching by a volunteer costume maker. She was also promoting the Hallowe'en Train - a Kamloops tradition before Hallowe'en = spooky train ride in the dark. She said she was not as friendly on the train - she is the Black Widow.

There were several VERY TALL young men wandering the market, with TRU Volleyball on their shirts. Turns out their coach had given them an assignment for team bonding - they were to purchase items for (and then I assume prepare) the team dinner. It was fun listening to the conversations - one group shopped for appies, one for entree, one for dessert - and more than one shopped for themselves. Gotta keep those carbs coming!

Today was the Farmer's Market Tomato Festival - celebrating the diversity of tomatoes and sharing recipes, samples, tips and seeds. These Tomato Pixies toured the grounds, offering cherry tomato samples, and informing the visitors about the event going on.

This little sweetie danced around in her sparkley tights and tutu - with a big bag of juicy, red cherries.

Mom dressed this one up to the nines - check out the shoes!

 And lastly, one of my happy customers came to show me the hat she made last winter out of a thick and thin yarn highlighted with copper coloured beads and sequins - in search of another skein to make a matching scarf.

Oh - if only every weekend at the market could be as warm and sunny!

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